“If you are part of the risk, resilience, or security industry, this is a forum you cannot miss.”

– jeff slotnick, CPP, PSP | Setracon


Education Tracks

Leadership: Strategy, Innovation, and Change

  • Discover the innovations that change the value proposition to your business
  • Engage your emerging leaders in the business and help prepare them for the future of risk and security
  • Create a roadmap to help drive employee engagement, empowerment, and your program performance

Organizational Strength

  • Discover strategies for leadership and organization change that influence how your program is perceived by the business
  • Learn how to optimize the people performing roles and executing processes
  • Hear how others are embedding the security and risk goals into the larger organizational mission

Enterprise Security Risk Management

  • Learn who owns the risk within your organization
  • Align your team and programs with successful risk and resilience strategies
  • Be a part of the discussion around the convergence of cyber and physical security


  • Learn how to address the risks leading to enterprise longevity and stakeholder confidence
  • Explore how to assess your cyber situation and correct any deficiencies
  • Understand, define and be prepared for the risk and the actions needed to address that risk before the incident


  • Align your business against a scorecard for technology
  • Hear how to scale, maintain, and create reliable solutions for your organization
  • See the latest in current and emerging technology and hear how it is being applied across multiple markets
Join monthly webinar conversations leading up to The Great Conversation in Security. Starting October 4!

Join monthly webinar conversations leading up to The Great Conversation in Security. Starting October 4!


Monday, March 5

7:30 AM

The Great Conversation Begins with Registration & Breakfast

8:00 AM

The Business Value of an Enterprise Risk and Security Management Strategy
John Turey, Vice President of Enterprise Risk and Security Management, TE Connectivity

The Great Conversation opens with a thought leader and practitioner in security risk management. You will learn how business executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO) are thinking about enterprise risks and what you can do to enhance your role as a strategic enterprise business partner. Walk away with a high-level framework in which you can leverage when engage the “enterprise owners of risk” in your organization.

9:00 AM

The Culture of Security
Tyson Aiken, Director of Global Security, Nike, Inc.

Now that you have an engagement strategy for business leaders, learn how one leader is engaging the culture to create a powerful force multiplier for security and the organization.

10:00 AM

The IT Mandate for Physical Security

If security is critical to the mission of the organization, IT will be involved to understand the ‘ilities’: high availability (99.99% uptime), maintainability (the cost to provision), scalability (the cost to scale and the impact on the network), and defensibility (sensors cannot be open doors to cyber attacks). A panel of security executives and business leaders will explore the ilities with particular attention to the process for implementing cyber defense for physical security devices.

11:00 AM

Networking Lunch

12:30 PM

Hub and Spokes: The End of the “Silos of Excellence”

Data must become information. Information must become relevant to processes and programs. How do we create a complete picture for our security program and organization while saving time, money and resources over time?  Leading technology vendors are taking interoperability seriously at a program and technology integration level.  The goal: to provide the security executive a 360-degree view of the health of their program, their all-hazards risk and situational response, and the performance of their mission-critical security systems architecture. Executives from the leading technology platforms and the practice leaders in risk management come together to makes sense out of the complex.

  • Moderator: Lynn Mattice, Managing Director Mattice & Associates
  • Bjorn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer, Milestone
  • Jeff Stanek, President & General Manager, Lenel
  • Mark Duato, Vice President, Integration Solutions, ASSA ABLOY
  • Jim Hoffpauir, President, Zenitel USA, Inc.
  • John Turey, Senior Director of Enterprise Risk and Security Management at TE Connectivity

2:00pm -4:00pm

Solution Breakout Sessions I & II
(60 minute sessions – attendees will choose two sessions)

Intelligent Communications and the Age of Voice
How will we use voice, audio and other communication methods in the next generation of intelligent communication solutions? A panel of security executives discuss their current implementation and their future path to value.

Intelligence at the Edge
Electronic physical security has evolved more in the last several years than ever before. With trends such as IoT, SaaS and Mobility, it challenges the security industry to change the current traditional mind set. This panel of security executives will bring clarity to how they are driving intelligence to the edge to mitigate risk, meet compliance and drive operational performance.

Building the Business Intelligence Hub
In a sensor-driven world, there will need to be a ‘smart-hub’ that manages the data aggregation, management and reporting. This panel of security executives will reveal where they are today and what they are building tomorrow to achieve 360 degree all hazards risk, response and reporting.

How Deep Learning, AI and IA are Changing the Future of Security Operations Centers
The use of deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and intelligence augmentation (IA) will transform physical security operations centers into virtual security operations centers (V-SOC):

  • Deep learning will change data into information
  • AI will change information into intelligence
  • IA will use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to accelerate intelligence into action.

In this session, Bjørn Skou Eilertsen the CTO of Milestone Systems will show how, when and why these changes in capability are being planned today. Milestone Systems is leveraging these technologies which are accelerating data collection, information analysis and intelligence visualization to support the changing role of systems integration into a role of systems unification. In this session, you will also understand how to see the possibilities, understand why no single physical security company can bring about these changes. and learn what R&D capability and resources will be needed and by whom. To bring these innovations into your organization they will require close collaboration with partners and systems unification.

Tuesday, March 6

7:30 AM

The Great Conversation Continues Breakfast & Technology Demonstrations
Technology Presentations & Meetings

8:30 AM

Why Technology Will Change the Way You Do Security
Dr. Thomas Cellucci, Founder and CEO, Cellucci Associates, Inc.

We have discussed how people perform roles in a process and how important the culture is to the overall program’s success. Now we will learn how to use technology to redefine the new security functions and the evolving value it accelerates in the organization. Once you have technology expertise embedded in the security risk assessment and business optimization efforts it can fundamentally change the strategy and planning. Robotics can replace human security officers.  Drones can be utilized for site surveillance. Artificial Intelligence can be used to access activity, monitoring activism & social media activities for potential brand and reputation issues, as well as threats that could lead to workplace violence or active shooter incidents.  Learn how the technology will change how you approach your risk programs.

9:30 AM

Managing the ‘Insider’ Threat
Michael Gelles, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

You think you have the risk, strategy and program identified; you believe you have an effective security technology solutions architecture in place; and then you find that you have not fully realized the insider threat to your enterprise. You also are once again building a guiding coalition between human resources, legal, IT and security to create a proactive and measurable strategy for success.

10:30 AM

Responding to the Threat…Real Time

The data we collect and manage will drive our program performance and our actionable response. Seconds matter not only to lives but to budgets. Learn from the leaders and experts in database technology, video analytics and surveillance management to explore a model that can improve situational awareness and response.

11:30 AM

Networking Lunch & Technology Demonstrations

1:00 PM

Who is on Your Campus?

Leaders in video surveillance, identity, and mobile security crowd sourcing and communication discuss how to leverage technology to provide all hazards situational awareness and actionable response.

2:30 PM

Risk Planning and Resilience: What We Can Learn From the X-Event
Kristina Anderson, Executive Director and Founder, Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools

The Great Conversation continues with a riveting story from the eyes of a victim then quickly moves into a breakdown of the lessons learned around all-hazards risk, resilience and security. Every security executive knows there are powerful forces that keep us from doing the right thing the first time until the wrong thing happens to us.

4:00 PM

The Great Conversation Concludes with a Networking Reception

This is the time to create the relational connections with the Great Conversation speakers, technology partners and your peers that will help you take the next right steps in your career, your program and your measures of performance. 


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