Monday, March 4

In choosing speakers and content for The Great Conversation, we use five educational tracks as guidelines, with the understanding we could have a session that covers one or more of the tracks. You can review more details on our educational tracks here.

Our tracks include: Leadership, Organizational Strength, Enterprise Security Risk Management, Intelligence and Technology. Each track is necessary to constructing a strategy and a plan for your organization.

7:30 AM

The Great Conversation begins with Registration & Breakfast

8:30 AM

Your Security Program is a Business Model - and it has been disrupted! Welcome to the Integrated Security Model
Scott Klososky, Founder and Partner, TriCorps Technologies

Security Executives are struggling to provide a coherent picture of risk to their organizational leaders. As well, the way they organize their people within core processes using technology has not changed much over the years. Anywhere else, this is called a business model and it is being disrupted. This session will explore the transformation that is occurring, the new delivery vehicles that will change the way you purchase solutions and services and the new value you will be able to deliver and articulate in the future. CSOs can no longer be constrained by the silos that have been constructed for physical and cyber security.

10:00 AM

Smart Company, Smart Building: Security’s Value Proposition is Changing
Dr. Zafar Chaundry, CIO and Senior Vice President, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation

Security is not a silo. It is deeply embedded in the value proposition of the organization. With this mindset, a new approach must be defined that realizes the potential of security inside the emerging next generation organization.

11:00 AM

Lessons Learned from an Active Shooter
Cheryl Michaels, Senior Director of Security and Safety, Seattle Pacific University (SPU) | Co-Founder, Educational Safety LLC

It only has to happen once, and you never forget the lessons learned. Seattle Pacific University had an active shooter. Through the lens of the victims, the unsung heroes, and the security program, we hear the story and learn the lessons to guide our next steps in protecting our organizations.

12:00 PM

Peer-to-Peer Networking Lunch

Innovation Center opens: A discussion and demonstration of Infrastructure-as-a-Service with multiple technology vendors and service organizations.

1:30 PM

A New Business Model for Security - Infrastructure as a Service
Ed Bacco, Chief Security Officer, ASG | ADT

A cross functional industry panel discusses a new operating model for delivering value to the organization through security. But it is dependent on a knowledge of the true cost of security. And a different level of collaboration between the vendors and the client.

2:30 pm

Industry Case Studies
Case studies and technology roadmaps are critical. They provide us illustrations on how to deploy the tools that will empower our Enterprise Security Risk Management Program. These will be delivered by security executives supported by industry technology leaders.

  • Creating the Enterprise Security Intelligent Platform

    • Information is the currency of enterprise security risk management. To be able to collect the right information at the right time and drive actions based on need. Learn how one company embarked on a strategy of moving their access control platform to an Enterprise Security Business Intelligence Platform.

  • Video Management: A Path to a Service Architecture

    • Delivering a bridge from the depth and breadth of on-premise enterprise video management to hybrid models that include off-premise command and control, will require new technology and new approaches to our security business and IT processes. Hear this executive’s story and the lessons learned.

  • Intelligent Communications in the Intelligent Organization

    • This university’s security executive defines his path to integrating intelligent communications into his security and resilience strategy. As well, learn about the future of intelligent communications and how we might be using audio in the future.

  • The Next Generation of the Mobile Credential

    • The credential, as we know it, is changing. What is the bridge from what we have now to the emerging and multiple technologies that will, at first, augment them, and, eventually replace them? Learn how one company determined their need, their approach and their long-term path to the mobile credential.

6:00 PM

The President’s Dinner
Leadership is an art. So is practical execution of leadership principles. In this special invitation-only dinner, the community comes together to reaffirm the role and responsibility of leadership in creating positive change in an organization. One of our industry leaders shares their story.