Past Great Conversation Presentations

A Passion for Leadership, Innovation and Cultural Transformation
Tyson Aiken, Senior Director, Global Safety & Security, Nike, Inc.
Garrett Petraia, Vice President, Global Security, Levi Strauss & Co.

The day ends with a great conversation between two security leaders on a potential asset that is under-leveraged and under-appreciated: people. How do you create a high performing, engaged corporate culture? And why should this be important to risk, resilience and security leaders? Lessons learned, strategies attempted and realized, and a call to arms that crosses any industry.

Security is Mission Critical to our Business: A CEO Addresses the Security Ecosystem
Greg Creed, Chief Executive Officer, Yum! Brands
We have asked many security leaders a fundamental question to start a great conversation: Is your program mission critical to the goals of the CEO and the organization? And if this is so, how is this articulated? Greg Creed, CEO of Yum! Brands, shares his observations with the great conversation community of risk, resilience and security leaders.

Your Security Program is a Business Model - and has been disrupted!
Welcome to the Integrated Security Model

Scott Klosky, Founder and Partner, TriCorps Technologies
Security Executives are struggling to provide a coherent picture of risk to their organizational leaders. As well, the way they organize their people within core processes using technology has not changed much over the years. Anywhere else, this is called a business model and it is being disrupted. This session will explore the transformation that is occurring, the new delivery vehicles that will change the way you purchase solutions and services and the new value you will be able to deliver and articulate in the future. CSOs can no longer be constrained by the silos that have been constructed for physical and cyber security.

Smart Company, Smart Building: Security’s Value Proposition is Changing
Dr. Zafar Chaundry, CIO and Senior Vice President, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation
Security is not a silo. It is deeply embedded in the value proposition of the organization. With this mindset, a new approach must be defined that realizes the potential of security inside the emerging next generation organization.

Creating a Safety and Security Mindset
Shawn Galloway, President, ProAct Safety
Operationalizing security and safety can create real, sustainable value over time. It is not a program. It is a mindset. One of the leading authors on creating cultures of excellence challenges us with a clear direct series of steps that can create a path to value.

Why Technology Will Change the Way You Do Security
Dr. Thomas Cellucci, Founder & CEO, Cellucci Associates, Inc.
We have discussed how people perform roles in a process and how important the culture is to the overall program’s success. Now we will learn how to use technology to redefine the new security functions and the evolving value it accelerates in the organization. Once you have technology expertise embedded in the security risk assessment and business optimization efforts it can fundamentally change the strategy and planning. Robotics can replace human security officers.  Drones can be utilized for site surveillance. Artificial Intelligence can be used to access activity, monitoring activism & social media activities for potential brand and reputation issues, as well as threats that could lead to workplace violence or active shooter incidents.  Learn how the technology will change how you approach your risk programs.

Lessons Learned from an Active Shooter
Cheryl Michaels, Sr. Director of Security and Safety, Seattle Pacific University | Co-Founder, Educational Safety, LLC
It only has to happen once, and you never forget the lessons learned. Seattle Pacific University had an active shooter. Through the lens of the victims, the unsung heroes, and the security program, we hear the story and learn the lessons to guide our next steps in protecting our organizations.

Risk Planning and Resilience: What We Can Learn From the X-Event
Kristina Anderson, Executive Director and Founder, Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools
The Great Conversation continues with a riveting story from the eyes of a victim then quickly moves into a breakdown of the lessons learned around all-hazards risk, resilience and security. Every security executive knows there are powerful forces that keep us from doing the right thing the first time until the wrong thing happens to us.

Strategic Leadership: A Journey
Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer, Microsoft
Microsoft CSO Mike Howard shared his career path and lessons learned along the way. He discussed the value of mentorship and explained how mentors at the Oakland Police Department and the CIA influenced his own career. He shared examples of leadership and change management and his own insights on leadership.

The Evolution of Security: Leadership, Innovation, and a Changing Workforce
Michael Mason, SVP & Chief Security Officer, Verizon Communications
In the private-sector security community, we often focus on technological advances intended to make us more effective at executing the duties associated with our roles as security leaders. We focus on information gathering until we reach the point where we are deleting more information each day than we are digesting. However, our business is still a people-oriented business. This presentation focused on the manner each of us, as private-sector security leaders, impacts today’s security workforce, as well as challenging the too often accepted conventional wisdom about the young men and women who comprise that workforce.

Security in An Age of Technological Disruption
Kimo Quaintance, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Thought Leader

Traditional planning cycles that served the needs of stable hierarchies are being thrown into chaos by dynamic networks that possess the advantage of rapid adaptation and innovation. Democratizing technology and pervasive connectivity are driving a great diffusion of power that sees no signs of slowing. How can security organizations adapt to such an unpredictable environment, when we are expected to not only survive such continual disruptions, but thrive and create new sources of value?


“We face many challenges, internally and externally, in our efforts to protect national security, our communities, our economy; those things which make us great. Either we work together or we fail.”

- Frank Montoya, special agent, Federal bureau of investigation

Past Great Conversation speakers

Kimo Quaintance
Thought Leader |  George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

Andrew Lanning
Co-Founder | Integrated Security Technologies, Inc.

Rodney Thayer
Convergence Engineering Consultant | Smithee, Spelvin, Agnew & Plinge, Inc.

David F. McGowan
Vice President, Global Protection Services, Tiffany & Company

Carl Alexander
Education Safety & Risk Manager | Kamehameha Schools

Deon Chatteron
Senior Manager Technology & Systems (STS) | Cisco Systems

Bjorn Skou Eilertsen
Chief Technology Officer | Milestone

Jeff Stanek
President & General Manager | Lenel

Nick Weber
Security Manager | Grant County PUD

Max Kidd
Associate Director of Technology | University of Texas

Dylan Hayes
Manager Physical Security | Seattle Children’s Hospital

Michael Mason, SVP & Chief Security Officer | Verizon Communication

Carol Fox
Strategic Initiatives | RIMS

Jim Hoffpauir
President | Zenitel USA, Inc.

John Michael O'Hare                                                              Special Operations Group, Hartford Police Department


Kristina Anderson
Executive Director and Founder | Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools

John Turey
Vice President of Enterprise Risk and Security Management | TE Connectivity

Dr. Michael Gelles
Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Mike Howard
Former Chief Security Officer | Microsoft

Annie Searle
Principal | Annie Searle & Associates LLC | ASA Risk Consultants

Tyrone Chambliss
Global Director Brand Protection & Security | Flex Inc.

Robert Meza
Campus Physical Security Program Manager | UC San Diego Police Department

Brian Allen
CSO |  Time Warner Cable

Tim Crocket
Vice President, Security | HX Global

David Komendat
Chief Security Officer | The Boeing Company

Brad Deardoff
Assistant Special Agent, Seattle Division | Federal Bureau of Investigation

David Tindall
CIO | Seattle Pacific University

John Coovert
Senior Manager, Global Physical Security | Concur Technologies

Jeff Slotnick
Chief Executive Officer | Setracon