Your Voice can Change the World


The Great Conversation™

 is an orchestration of thought leaders and practitioners around an idea or a market sector. This orchestration can be a large or small forum. It is designed to capture the best ideas and case studies that can be activated by the participants. 

By sharing their voice within a conversation, the participants begin to changes themselves, their companies, their profession and their communities.

Change becomes their friend.  

Our Story

“Ideas shape the course of history”

John Maynard Keynes

Great Conversations with artists, poets, philosophers, scientists, business people, technologists and more have shaped the course of human history.

We believe these ideas can also create personal, professional and corporate value.

Our founder’s DNA is the insatiable thirst for truth. 

His primary learning tool is ‘story’. 

As a young journalist, then a student of ancient Greek History and ideas, then a businessman at the beginning of the information management market, he had a front row seat into how ideas, the power of story, and the imagination of thought leaders can change the world. 

This was the foundation of the first conversation launched by The Sage Group® in 2003. 

Your Story

“Who taught you how to buy?

Who taught you how to sell?”

Ron Worman, Founder, The Sage Group

I once had a pastor who said, 

“You know a person’s core values by opening up their credit card history and their checkbook” 

In a similar way, you know markets by the transactions of value within their ecosystem. If you are a student of such transactions then you learn how people perform roles in a measurable process using the tools they have been provided. And you learn, by how they act, manage, measure and spend. You also know how their core values and their leadership are manifested along the way. 

This is your story.