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Education Tracks

The following tracks are used to guide the curriculum in every conversation. A conversation could be a large two-day forum or an afternoon round table. Subjects could include current industry issues or trends, vertical sector issues or trends, or an innovation working group to create a breakthrough in organizational or industry thinking. 

Leadership: Strategy, Innovation, and Change

  • Discover the innovations that change the value proposition to your business

  • Engage your emerging leaders in the business and help prepare them for the future of risk and security

  • Create a roadmap to help drive employee engagement, empowerment, and your program performance

Organizational Strength

  • Discover strategies for leadership and organization change that influence how your program is perceived by the business

  • Learn how to optimize the people performing roles and executing processes

  • Hear how others are embedding the security and risk goals into the larger organizational mission

Enterprise Security Risk Management

  • Learn who owns the risk within your organization

  • Align your team and programs with successful risk and resilience strategies

  • Be a part of the discussion around the convergence of cyber and physical security


  • Learn how to address the risks leading to enterprise longevity and stakeholder confidence

  • Explore how to assess your cyber situation and correct any deficiencies

  • Understand, define and be prepared for the risk and the actions needed to address that risk before the incident


  • Align your business against a scorecard for technology

  • Hear how to scale, maintain, and create reliable solutions for your organization

  • See the latest in current and emerging technology and hear how it is being applied across multiple markets

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“I have been honored to be a part of this ground-breaking and thought-provoking conversation. It sets the stage for leaders to truly lead.”

 -Mike Howard, Former CSO, Microsoft

A forum of strategic leadership and innovative conversations.
This is where theory and practice converge.

We invite you to a powerful education forum focused on both the challenges and opportunities organizations face in risk, resilience, and the business value of security.

Leaders and their teams discuss the newest and most important strategies driving our industry. And hear how those strategies are executed by how they organize their people, processes, and technology against a program road-map. 

The Great Conversation (TGC) is designed to inform, engage, and ultimately provide attendees with the tools needed to take risk, resilience, and security programs to the next level. 

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